Banana Kush Seeds

About Us

We Are You

We are patients, we are growers, and we are advocates.

With the combined experience of over forty years, we have been treating ourselves with and growing cannabis medically for decades. Plus, with friends and family like ours, a good bit of our knowledge is multi-generational having been passed down through loved ones over of the years. And, that is exactly what we want to bring to every medical grower, that sense of community that has helped us grow

Our Story

We didn’t always grow our own mind blowing bud. We weren’t even able to grow the plant consistently in the old days. Like most, back in the day we often had to buy our cannabis from a friend or relative, or a friend of a friend, or even the occasional dealer, gasp. Prices were high, it was risky and the quality and supply was never consistent.

It was a dream come true for us, when cannabis began to be more accepted, decriminalized and legalized. At first, we were overjoyed with finally getting our medical cannabis program cards.

But, after eagerly visiting our first dispensary, then our second and then not so eagerly our third and so on, we noticed that we were consistently pleased with the service, yet totally underwhelmed by the quality of the flower.

That’s when we learned that the cannabis grown for dispensary sale has its THC limits regulated by the State for “patient protection”. Seriously? That means the State does NOT allow dispensaries to sell cannabis that naturally contains what they deem to have too much THC! While, ironically (and thankfully) concentrated THC extracts are sold everywhere, without concern.

The moral of the story? Dispensaries are great for getting to know your favorite strains,  buying extracts & edibles. But, if you want better cannabis, you’ll have to grow it yourself, or find a caregiver who does.

Once we began growing we were shocked at the upgrade in quality. We’re still in a grateful daze over it actually and it never goes away. Over time, we began to feel concern for all of you, the medical cannabis patients out there who are missing out the wonder and joy of growing this amazing plant for yourself.

That’s when we got the idea for which we hope will go a long way towards removing the obstacles new growers face in getting started, while providing a network for more experienced growers to trade and share and hone their skills.

We Believe In Our Future

  • We believe every cannabis patient can and should be empowered to grow their own medicine in order to obtain a pure product and prevent big pharma (or, big vape) from controlling your medicine.
  • We believe every cannabis patient has to right to grow exactly the perfect strain of medicine for their condition to as potent a level as desired or that they are able to produce.
  • We believe that cannabis patients have the right to share their knowledge and experience with other cannabis patients privately and securely, or publicly should they choose, in an atmosphere of kindness and understanding.

Our Vision

We envision an association of local groups, or clubs, of medical patients and growers across New Mexico working together to empower each individual medical cannabis grower to produce the cleanest, quality flower possible.

Membership in will include forums, apps and educational courses, plus social networking tools to inspire local meetups and events, classes and maybe even “pot”luck dinners. Share seeds. Swap clones. Trade recipes. The sky’s the limit.

Now Get Growing! 😀