Cannabis sprouts

Cannabis Cultivation


Like all plants our sweet Marijane needs: air, light, nutrients, water,  a growing medium, and proper temperatures to make food and to grow.

The air should be warm, dry and full of CO2.  Lights need to be the right spectrum, intensity, and duration. Water must be just right, not too much or too little or you will end in catastrophe.  The grow medium should have the correct nutrients for a good grow.  If you meet all your plants needs your plant will give you beautiful results.

We grow cannabis as an annual in the spring for an outdoor grow.  That means that it completes its life cycle in less than one year.  So if we start seeds in the spring, we will  harvest in the fall.

Life Cycle of Cannabis

Germinate, seedling, vegetate, flower.  This is the life cycle of the cannabis plant. Seed to harvest in less than one year.

The germination stage is very short, usually 3-7 days.  During this time the outer coating of the seed splits open sending a rootlet downward and a sprout with seed leaves upward looking for light.

The sprout will remain a seedling for about a month. The root from the seed grows down and branches out the same way the stem branches up and out.  Tiny rootlets will take in water and nutrients while helping anchor the plant in the growing medium.  Seedlings need 16-18 hours of light. 

The next phase of the cannabis life cycle is the vegetative stage.  Vegetative growth is maintained by 16-24 hours of light every day until flowering.


In the fourth week of vegetative growth the plant will show pre-flowers usually between the fourth and sixth node from the bottom of the plant.  This is what we look for to sex our plants.  The flowers will either be male or female.  Most growers destroy the males to prevent pollination to the females.  Any pollen from the males can contaminate your entire harvest of medicine with seeds. 


Flowering occurs during the final stage of growth. The plant will require twelve hours of light and twelve hours of darkness every 24 hours until harvest.  We harvest the flowers before the first freeze, usually around the middle of October.