Medical Cannabis Card

Getting Your Cannabis Card May Be Easier Than You Think

How To Get Your New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program Card And Personal Production License

The Easy Way

The easiest way to get and maintain your cannabis program card (renewals get forgotten all the time) is to take advantage of a full service, or concierge, service such as Homegrown. A quality service like this will…

  • remind you of pending renewals each year.
  • bring the doctor to you (in many areas).
  • help you understand and complete all the paperwork.
  • submit all the paperwork for you.

A service like this a good idea for all of us… even better for those with severe pain or illness because not having to remember to renew is priceless for those who need to focus on healing.

Phone: 1 (505) 980-4993

The Usual Way

Many people choose to get into the NM Medical Cannabis Program through their doctor, or primary caregiver.  For pain sufferers, you may need a second doctor, usually your specialist, to approve. You can download the forms below.

See the state’s Medical Cannabis Program pages for more.

Getting your medical cannabis card for PTSD is often as easy as calling any local dispensary and asking about one. You will likely have to make an appointment for when a doctor is visiting. As long as you are a New Mexico resident and you have your ID handy, you just fill out some forms, visit with the doctor, then go home and  do the hardest part… wait for your card to arrive.

The state provides a list of all the licensed nonprofit producers in New Mexico along with their contact details.
PDF: Medical Cannabis Licensed Non-Profit Producer List

So, if you’ve been waiting to get legal, or you’re on the fence about even trying to heal with cannabis because it may be too much of a hassle, great news! It’s most likely not.

Now Get Growing! 😀