Lavendar Indoor Hydroponic closeup

Why You Should Grow Your Own

A Higher Quality

It is difficult to find words for the qualitative difference that one experiences when moving from simply purchasing cannabis to that of growing your own. Maybe it would be best described as a sort of dimensional shift instead of just some simple life upgrade. Maybe it’s about the consistency as opposed to getting whatever is available at the time. It’s like the difference between home grown vegetables and their watery, flavorless counterparts at the grocery store. Or, if you’re old enough to remember the pressed bricks of brown, seed filled mystery weed that some of us choked on back in the day… it’s like the first time you had sticky green sinsemilla. Except this time you’re going from sinsemilla to somewhere even higher.

Never Run Out

If you’re vaping enough to help with severe pain, chemotherapy or even the panic attacks from PTSD, then you may need to supplement your cannabis card allotment with what you can grow for yourself on the side. Plus, who wants to go pay for cannabis when you can grow better stuff at home?

Grow Your Favorites

Why let the dispensaries choose your strains? Once you know what you like and need, it’s frustrating to have it go out of stock. Choose what’s right for you and focus on that and the only time you’ll ever want to shop for cannabis is when looking for a new strain to grow. And, when you find one you like, remember that you can grow it better at home.

Now Get Growing! 😀